Who am I ?

I’m a yoga teacher & a philosopher. I was born in Belgium (shout out to this tiny but complicated country!). Originally from the French part, I’ve lived for 10 years in the Flemish part! And in the last 4 years, I’ve been a bit everywhere across Europe.

Yoga has been with me since 2012, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Over the last 2 years I’ve had a very steady, almost daily practice and decided in 2020 – the year of the transformation – to do a 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Frankfurt, Germany. Since October last year I can officially call myself a yoga teacher and teach yoga !

Yoga - and especially my teacher training - has brought me so much & has come to play such an important role in my personal but also social life – I’ve met incredible people and it has given me a set of magic tools to feel more grounded in my life and much more connected.

Yoga literally opened up a new world to me, a new galaxy, something I would like to share with you !

Mission & values

Teaching, like writing, is an incredibly beautiful way of expressing oneself, of connecting with others and realising that you have something to say, something that some people might need to hear and that might make their lives better. Therefore, my aim with this platform is to introduce you to the world of yoga through

  • my blog articles where I share with you useful concepts and insights to give a glimpse of yoga as a discipline, as a daily practice and, for some of us, as an introduction to spirituality,
  • yoga classes & videos of yoga sequences where I take you step by step, holding your hand, showing you the way, my way & inviting you to find your own. It will help you discover all the amazing things your body can do and build your own practice.

My aim is to create a warm and inclusive cosmos where everyone feels welcome and at peace, where you can be at home, inside of yourself!

A yogalactic project

My project is structured around several themes and tools meant to guide you in this journey.

Teach & share

  • Yoga for all – follow my schedule of live Zoom or in-studio classes & watch my yoga videos, in your own language, tailored to your level & needs (coming soon!)
  • Discover spirituality and yoga concepts – read my blogposts to go deeper into what yoga means, how you can integrate it in your daily life and how it can help you shift perspective and expand your openness without having to become too spiritual or esoteric

Empower & inspire

  • Share knowledge to help you on your self-discovery – how can yoga bring you whatever you might need in your life right now
  • Empower you to take care of yourself, to nourish your body, mind and soul – you are a treasure that you should cherish

Let creativity flow

  • Express creativity in a productive way and motivate you too to integrate reflecting, yoga & meditation, a self-care routine … in your everyday life!

Stay tuned …